Prof Olivier Corneille

Welcome to our SocorLAB!

My name is Olivier Corneille. I'm Full Professor at UCLouvain, I'm teaching methods, attitude formation, behavior change, and social psychology. My research interests are broad, including attitude learning, food preference, and more recently interoceptive accuracy and economic decision making.

I enjoy collaborating with colleagues from different fields both at UCLouvain and abroad. I hope you enjoy navigating these pages and find the information you are looking for. If not, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our lab. Below is a presentation of the wonderful colleagues and students I'm working with.


Adrien Mierop


Attitude learning and evaluative conditioning

Emir Efendic


Behavioral finance

PhD Students

Christophe Vermeulen

PhD Student

Compensatory Health Beliefs and Food preferences

Amélie Bret

PhD Student (co-advisor: Martial Mermillod, U. Grenoble)

Attitude change and conservatism in evaluative conditioning

Almudena Claassen

PhD Student (co-advisor: Olivier Klein, Free U. Brussels)

Precarity and Food preferences

Olivier Desmedt

PhD student (co-advisor: Olivier Luminet, U. Louvain)


Maartje Mulders

PhD Student (co-advisor: Olivier Klein, Free U. Brussels)

Interpretation of food-related information

Giorgia Zamariola

PhD Student (co-advisor: Olivier Liminet, U. Louvain)

Introceptive awarness and attention to food

Katharina Berger

PhD Student (co-advisor: Mandy Hütter, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)

Attitudinal ambivalence

Selection of representative collaborations outside UCL

(past and present):

Goldstone, R., & Queller, S., Indiana University, USA

Hutter, M., University of Tübingen, Germany

Judd, C., University of Colorado, USA

Karremans, J., Dotch, R, Dijksterhuis, A., University of Nijmegen, NL

Klein, O., Free University Brussels, BE

Monin, B., Stanford University, USA

Stahl, C., Unkelbach, C., Mussweiler, T., University of Köln, DE

Stern, S. & Mullenix, J., University of Pittsburgh, USA

Tanaka, J., University of Victoria, CA

Toma, C, Solvay Business School, BE

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